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  • Everything about the bookmaker 1win - entrance to the official website, mirror, registration, functionality, promotional codes and vouchers

Sports betting has always been a great opportunity to earn money - in addition to the wide range of emotions that fans get when they win a match, they can bring even more joy to having played a bet, which in addition has significantly improved the player's financial situation.However, the more demand, the more offers - and therefore the bookmaker market is already replete with dozens, or even hundreds of the most different, and not always well-known bookmakers, who sometimes do not want to bet on the sites due to the lack of any information about them. But we have a solution that will allow you to be completely sure that you have chosen a reliable bookmaker, and at the same time regularly earn large sums of money using your strategies and forecasts. Such a solution is the bookmaker 1win - after all, it is this bookmaker that offers the best conditions for its users, including simplified registration, entering vouchers and promotional codes to receive additional funds, high odds, extensive functionality, bonuses, and much more interesting things! Don't miss this chance - and today we will convince you that 1win will be the right choice for every bettor.

Reasons to choose 1win

You can start betting at the 1win bookmaker almost immediately - however, this does not mean that you should thoughtlessly go to the bookmaker's page and start the registration procedure without first reading all the conditions and offers from the bookmaker. For if for some reason you are not satisfied with all those betting tools that the 1win bookmaker provides to its users (even though such an outcome is unlikely), then the subsequent registration on the bookmaker's site will be just a waste of your time. In order to prevent such an incident, we will acquaint you with the bookmaker in much more detail - while understanding the reasons for its such overwhelming success, and discussing the most important points in the activities of this bookmaker.

The 1win bookmaker has not had any grandiose way of becoming on the market for the entire time of its existence - being formed in 2016, the company simply offered many players the most favorable conditions for betting, which won the trust of the audience, and in 5 years managed become one of the largest players in the market. There is only one significant event, thanks to which many learned about the existence of this bookmaker and never lost its name in their heads again - two years after it appeared under the name FirstBet, the bookmaker was re-branded, and the bookmaker began to wear the already familiar and almost the native name is 1win. This moment became a turning point in the history of the company, and after the name change, even more new users reached the office, who agreed that the functions and tools on the bookmaker's site were unparalleled and really help to win really large sums of money.

Such opportunities for the most comfortable and profitable game were, as many might have guessed, really huge odds for almost every match in any of the sports disciplines - the multipliers were high for football, basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, MMA, but also for e-sports., snooker, cricket, and other, less popular sports. Moreover, the choice of an unpopular match in no way changed the current situation with high odds - sometimes even a match between two “no-name teams” in some regional tournament had frantic quotes for one or more outcomes, and talk about top-level events at all is not necessary, because they are entirely and completely comparable exclusively with huge factors. An excellent way to earn money on bets, not without the help of bookmaker 1win, was the volumetric line painting, which truly became one of the fundamental factors of this site, giving each of the bettors the opportunity to bet on the most unexpected outcomes of a particular event, while increasing the coefficient even more. according to which the payment of the winnings will be made in the event of a played bet. Well, another important aspect was, albeit not the lowest, but quite a pleasant margin - it increases the percentage of net profit received from each winning bet, and therefore betters can earn even more money if their predictions are correct.

This bookmaker is known and popular among such a wide circle of users not by single sports bets - because the possibilities of financial transactions available on the official website of the bookmaker and in its mobile application play a relatively important and significant role. In the 1win bookmaker's office, each user is free to do whatever his heart desires with the money - withdraw to bank accounts, e-wallets, mobile operator accounts, or immediately to a bank card; replenish your account on the company's website in any way convenient for you, avoiding commission for depositing funds and their subsequent withdrawal; Well, and, of course, transfer funds to another user's account by simply entering his player ID - this way you can support your friend, who recently started betting on the site. The guarantee that your funds will be transferred to your details without long delays and promises, as well as in full, is not only the excellent reputation of bookmaker 1win, gained over years of practice in bookmaking, but also the Curacao license, under which the bookmaker operates. This document is considered fundamental for many bookmakers around the world - therefore, betters have no reason not to trust 1win with their money.

In addition, due to the lack of a license of the required sample from the 1win bookmaker (in some countries, for example, for the full functioning of the bookmaker, a local version of the document is required), the players of this bookmaker have access to a wide variety of gambling entertainments, which are presented on the official website of the bookmaker or the mirror of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in inconceivable quantity: there are slots, and the usual "three in a row" slot machines, and blackjack, and many other games that allow you to try your luck and spend time with excitement, distracting from the ordinarysports betting. Another significant advantage of the fact that 1win does not have the necessary license is the optional payment of taxes on each winnings received for playing a bet on the site - users can independently deal with tax deductions from the funds won, and not receive already "cut" amounts for details. when the bet is played. Such an opportunity gives each of the bettors a great chance to competently control their finances - and, in this regard, the winnings on the platform of the 1win bookmaker's office occur much more often!

Bonuses, promotional codes and vouchers, mobile applications for Android and iOS, mirrors of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan for a more simplified entry to the official website, huge opportunities on the bookmaker's page - all this awaits you on the 1win platform, where you can register in the near future! We now need to find a way to enter the site - and there are quite a few of them.

Options for visiting the official website of BC 1win

Sometimes visiting the page of the 1win bookmaker's official website just doesn't work - sometimes, the resource is blocked due to the norms of local legislation, sometimes such problems are caused by technical work on the bookmaker's site, and at some moments the office may even be attacked by hackers. in this connection, the site will be inaccessible to the entrance. In order for all these reasons not to prevent a huge number of bettors from visiting the 1win official website page and continuing to bet on sports in the bookmaker's office, users have come up with many working methods that will allow you to bypass any kind of blocking and restrictions and bet on the match you are interested in regardless of the circumstances...

We will not discuss all the currently available ways to bypass blockages or other reasons that make it impossible to enter the 1win official website - since it will take a very long time to list all these methods. However, we will tell you about the most popular, and at the same time demanded options - and they will definitely help to ensure uninterrupted access to the main page of the bookmaker's office, and these methods are perfect both for players from Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, and for other residents of the CIS countries who want make a bet on the site of bookmaker 1win.

This is what the most effective options for bypassing all sorts of reasons for blocking a site are, with the help of which each of the bettors will be able to place bets on sports with 1 win at absolutely any time:

VPN services - hide the source of the connection. This option will be an excellent solution especially for those players who are faced with the inability to enter the official website of the 1win betting shop due to the illegality of the bookmaker's office in their country. Often, when a bookmaker's office is recognized as illegal in any country, its official website is blocked throughout the state - and therefore, without using alternative methods of entry, it is not possible to enter the bookmaker's page. VPN services are designed to easily solve this problem - because they work at the expense of proxy servers, which provide remote access to any of the resources on the network. This method works as follows: you simply install the VPN as an extension to the browser on a PC or an application on mobile devices, turn it on, and then the program does everything for you - the software will select the optimal country from which you will supposedly go to the 1win website... The thing is that a VPN disguises the source of your traffic, allowing you to enter the page from another state - almost any of the existing countries in the world can act as such, be it the Netherlands, Canada, or Thailand. The program chooses the country based on the connection speed - but if you wish, you can choose the required proxy server yourself. The disadvantage of this method can be the low speed of the Internet connection, which can significantly spoil the experience when playing in the casino and on bets in the "Live" mode. In all other aspects, this is an extremely effective and fairly easy-to-use way to get to the 1win bookmaker's website, and anyone can try it. Plus, most programs of this kind can be downloaded to your devices for free - another reason to try your luck and use a VPN.

Tor browser - for ultimate access at any time. For those who have a stable and high-speed Internet connection, and at the same time make sure that the entrance to any of the resources on the network, including the official website of BC 1win, takes place on condition of complete anonymity, the Tor browser will be an excellent solution and the most competent choice.... What's the point of this browser? It perfectly helps to access any page on the Internet through the presence of a huge number of the same proxy servers that are stored in VPN programs - and since the number of these servers in the browser is much larger than in the same VPN, then access will be guaranteed in any way. The Tor browser becomes an excellent solution for those bettors who experience problems with logging into the site on an ongoing basis - because thanks to multilayer encryption of user traffic, all difficulties with logging in will immediately disappear. The Tor browser will be the best choice, first of all, for the owners of high-speed Internet - especially because of the slowdown under such loads, the connection speed with the official website. And of course, the search engine itself is completely free, and you can download and install it from the official page - in addition, it does not need any additional settings and will be ready to use almost immediately after installation on a particular device.

The best option is a 1win Azerbaijan or Uzbekistan mirror.Indeed, the best method for obtaining and permanent possession of full-fledged access to the BK 1win website for several years now has been a mirror - because this option not only does not require the player to do any third-party actions in the form of installing additional programs or using browsers, but is also capable of boasting a huge a variety of functionality available to all users who have used this method. The mirror of the bookmaker's office 1win is a page separate from the original bookmaker's website, which is designed to replace it if the players are unable to visit the official resource due to any factors that prevent them from doing so. The mirror itself practically does not differ a bit from the original, and, in essence, is a mirror copy - hence the name of the method. The only difference is in the address bar of the page - it was changed in case that this page was not blocked, if a similar situation happened with the original site. Otherwise, on the mirror, each of the bettors will be able to find everything for which he fell in love with this bookmaker's office: there are all the same high odds and a wide line, a huge number of gambling games and entertainment, including casinos and blackjack, all the most profitable bonuses and promotions that allow you to multiply the player's capital several times, and even a voucher and a promotional code are also available for input on the mirror - you just need to find the required field for their introduction. In addition to all the rich functionality, the BC mirrors are completely interchangeable, which means that if one of them is blocked, the game can be continued on the other. We will discuss this method in more detail later - but it can be noted in advance that it is one of the most effective in our list.

Mobile application from BK 1win.One of the most unpopular method that is completely unfair deprived of the attention of many BC 1win users. The application from BK 1vin for mobile devices not only allows you to have the huge potential of a bookmaker's office in such a small package - it also makes it possible to make bets from almost anywhere in the world, having only a stable Internet connection and a mobile phone. We will tell you more about how to download and install the mobile version of bookmaker 1win on your devices with the Android or iOS operating system a little later - and now we just summarize the fact that thanks to this program, betting in one of the best bookmakers becomes much easier and more accessible. making it easier than ever to win sports betting!

This is how the most popular and relevant options for getting to the official page of bookmaker 1win look like without facing all sorts of problems and unpleasant situations. All of these methods can boast of their diversity, and such a wide selection of methods for entering allows us to make this process as flexible as possible - and the options can even be combined with each other in order to achieve the most comfortable conditions for sports betting with this bookmaker.

Choose for yourself one or several login methods that seem most convenient for you, and go to the official site of the 1win bookmaker - for the time has come to register on the platform in order to start winning with the help of online casinos and sports betting in the near future!

Registration in bookmaker 1win

The procedure for creating an account on the 1win betting site is made as simple as possible - because the company takes care of its betters, not wanting to take away their precious time, and therefore here you will not find huge questionnaires and tons of bureaucracy, which are often found on other resources of other bookmakers. Almost every bettor who has previously registered on any of the sites on the Internet is really capable of registering on the 1win bookmaker's platform - in addition, the bookmaker provides several options to choose from in order to create an account, which greatly simplifies the procedure and gives more convenience and variability...

So, registration can take place in two scenarios - and here are four options with which it is possible to create a personal account on the platform:

Fast registration. The most complete account creation option available on the platform. The bettor will need to choose the currency in which he will bet on sports or gamble (rubles, dollars, euros, tenge, manat, and other denominations), as well as enter a phone number, email address, and come up with a password for the account... You can also enter a promo code here - we'll talk about where to find the combination later.

Registration through social networks. Facebook, Google, VK, Mail.ru, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Yandex, and Steam - betters can become part of the 1win betting community by simply logging in through one of these social networks. You will also need to enter a promotional code, if available, and also indicate the currency of the game. The option will be excellent for all owners of social media profiles, and will allow you to create an account as soon as possible.

One click.The fastest registration option available. All that is needed is to indicate the country of residence, currency, the same promotional code to receive an additional bonus from 1win, and click on the "Register" button.

By phone. Another option for those who do not like to delay such procedures. Enter your phone number, select a currency, enter a promo code - and you have already successfully registered on the BC platform!

For a full-fledged game on the bookmaker's site, you will need to go through one more procedure - this will be personal identification. All instructions for its passage and other recommendations are in the better's personal account - however, we will immediately inform you that in order to successfully complete the process, you will need to provide a number of your documents, such as SNILS, TIN, and passport.

Now we are registered and ready to get acquainted with the functionality of the site - as well as touch upon the 1win mobile application, and find out how to download the software, as well as what this program contains!

Review of the site and application of BK 1win

Both the application from bookmaker 1win for mobile devices and the official website of the company on the Internet contain many interesting functions that can significantly help both beginners and experienced players in profitable betting.

The menu and the set of sections of the bookmaker 1win for each device - be it a computer or a mobile phone - are noticeably different, but any version can provide you with a comfortable game and big wins. To download the 1win app for Android or iPhone, you just need to go to the official website of the company - there is a link to download the apk file to your device, thanks to which you can become the owner of a convenient mobile application from the bookmaker and start placing bets at any convenient time. The main thing before installing is to make sure that the phone settings are allowed to download files from previously unknown sources, otherwise downloading will be blocked by the operating system.

Since we have moved to the official site, it is worth talking about its sections. This is what the 1win platform is and what conditions it can give betters:

Home.The first page of the site that you will see - it contains all the important information about the bookmaker, promotions and bonuses, special offers, and much more interesting.

Live. Here you can place bets on events online. The odds for the matches in the section are extremely high, but you need to carefully monitor their changes, so as not to miss a profitable offer! Live bets are more suitable for experienced bettors.

Line.Here you can find all possible pre-match bets - they can be concluded both as single and express bets. Convenient search for a match on the site will help you find the desired match long before the start of the event and do not miss the chance to bet on the favorite of the competition!

Casino. Hundreds of slot machines are waiting for gamblers in this section - and a bonus in the form of a cashback for losses will perfectly contribute to a profit!

Live-games.If you are attracted by gambling against real players, then the mode will definitely suit you, because in the section you can find many games against real croupiers and dealers.

Games. Fans of entertainment for money, which, at the same time, are not related to gambling, will obviously like this section - because it contains all the most interesting entertainment by BK 1win, in which you will have to rely not so much on luck as on your own skills!

The BC mobile application can also offer no less interesting functions, almost comparable to the original - here they are:

Home. The main page of the mobile application - it contains all the same offers as on the bookmaker's website.

Live. All the same bets in real time - high odds, by the way, have not gone anywhere!

Coupon. Everything about your bet coupon - the amount of the deposited funds, the multiplier value, and much more.

Casino.1win slot machines, which are even easier and more convenient to play from your phone, are also available on mobile devices!

Live-games. All the same variety of real money entertainment that can significantly improve your financial situation.

In addition to these sections, the mobile version stores the user's personal account, match statistics, news and forecasts, cases, bonuses and promotions, and other equally beneficial functions!

It remains to discuss one more factor for the success of 1win - and these will be promotional codes and vouchers, with the help of which it becomes possible to get additional funds to the account in the bookmaker!

Bookmaker 1vin - vouchers and promotional codes

A bonus from bookmaker 1win can be received by every bettor without exception - and you just need to know the necessary combination, which will become the key condition in order to receive a generous gift from the site. Promo codes and vouchers from the bookmaker 1win are special codes, when entered, the bettor has the opportunity to receive an additional bonus for himself, and therefore sports betting in the bookmaker becomes even more enjoyable.

However, there are fundamental differences between promotional codes and vouchers - so that you don't confuse them, we will highlight their purpose in the table:

Promo code

Often it gives a bonus for registering on the site of a bookmaker's office. You can find a promotional code either on the social networks of the bookmaker 1win, or on the betting forums, or simply on the Internet. Entering a promotional code for registration at 1win can give you up to 500% for the first deposit to your account.


A special combination of symbols, which is entered in the personal account and gives bonus money to the account, which is not required for wagering. You can get from a voucher from 100 to 3 thousand rubles - however, the number of code entries is limited. Current vouchers can only be found in the 1win group on the VKontakte social network.

Thanks to our hint, you will definitely not confuse these two bonuses, and you can easily find the right combination and enter it to get extra money on your account!

Answers to the most popular questions

Sometimes many users remain at a loss with regards to some points - and, even though the site has a support service, many novice bettors in one way or another need answers to questions. We have collected the most frequent ones - and we answer.
  1. What details can be used to withdraw money from the 1win bookmaker and what is the commission for withdrawing funds?
  2. Almost all existing details are available for withdrawing funds. You can find the commission percentages for each of them, as well as the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts in the table.
  3. Payment method Min-max for withdrawal (rub.) Commission
    Bank card 100-75000 0%
    Qiwi wallet 1-15000 0%
    Yandex money 1-15000 0%
    Webmoney 1-15000 0%
    AdvCash 1-190000 0%
    Payeer 1-1000000 0%
    Megaphone 10-15000 0%
    MTS10-15000 0%
    Tele 2 10-15000 0%
  4. What bonuses are there at 1win besides the first deposit welcome bonus?
  5. 1win offers many promotional offers - such, for example, are cashback for playing at a casino, or additional interest on winnings for a parlay. All conditions of these bonuses are shown in the tables below.
  6. Cashback for a casino in bk 1win
    Cashback percentage Total bets on slots per week (rubles) Maximum cashback amount (rubles)
    one From 100,000 3,000
    2 From 300,000 4,000
    3 From 500,000 5,000
    4From 800,000 8,000
    5 From 1,000,000 15,000
    10 From 10,000,000 20,000
    twenty From 20,000,000 30,000
    thirty From 50,000,000 50,000
    Number of events in the express Bonus percentageMaximum cashback amount (rubles)
    5 7% 2,000
    6 eight% 3,000
    7 9% 4,000
    eight 10% 5,000
    9 eleven% 8,000
    10 12% 15,000
    11 and up 15% 20,000
    twenty From 20,000,000 30,000
    thirty From 50,000,000 50,000
  7. Can you trust BK 1vin?
  8. Certainly! Numerous reviews and comments of netizens have proved more than once that trust in bookmaker 1win pays off with interest. In addition, there is a support service on the site and in the application - and in case of problems, users can ask for help.
  9. Is it possible to bet on eSports events at the 1win bookmaker?
  10. Of course! 1win has excellent odds on e-sports, as well as on many other events with regards to any sport - be it football, tennis, hockey, volleyball, basketball, or other disciplines.


We talked about almost all the important aspects related to the work of the bookmaker 1win - discussed the reasons why this office is so popular in Russia and the CIS; found out ways to enter the site, and figured out the mirrors of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan; registered on the bookmaker's website by entering a promo code and receiving a welcome deposit bonus; and also learned where to look for vouchers and what they can give players. As you can see, van Vin offers the most favorable conditions for betters - and it is worth a lot to become a part of the community of such a betting company. So do not waste a second - register at BC 1win today!