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  • Bookmaker Bingo Boom - play online, register at the office, official website, and profitable bets

Making bets on sports and at the same time making money on this business has always been the dream of many professional fans - after all, in addition to incomparable emotions that are felt while watching a match with the participation of their favorite team, they are also able to raise a large amount by betting on their favorite only with the soul, but also with the means. However, in reality, all dreams of a stable income are often crushed against a stumbling block in the form of not the best bookmakers - some of them offer completely unfavorable conditions for betting on sports, others have no bonus policy in relation to their players, and some of the bookmakers completely deceive their subscribers for money, and with the first win they block the account and the bettor's account. Nevertheless, in the world of sports betting, not everything is so sad, and there are bookmakers that really strive to help players make money on their favorite business - one of these is Bingo Boom (now Beth Boom), which offers some of the best conditions among bookmakers in the CIS. But what is so remarkable about this bookmaker's office, and whether it is worth trying to start playing on this particular site, we will find out further - and if the conditions from the bookmaker seem worthy to you, then we will help you register on the site.

Reasons why you should start betting in Bingo Boom bookmaker

Until you decide to go to the official website of the Bingo Boom bookmaker and start the registration procedure, we suggest you find out as much information as possible about this bookmaker - after all, in the world of betting, ignorance about the bookmaker can often turn against the player, creating very unpleasant situations from the category of deception on the part of bookmakers or inappropriate conditions for a bettor. Trust, but check - and following this rule, we will play it safe and find out all the most interesting about the bookmaker, revealing its best aspects: we will figure out what are the reviews of the Bingo Boom bookmaker on independent forums and on social networks; we will find out whether it is really possible to earn large sums on bets in this bookmaker, and how good are the conditions for betting on the bookmaker's site; we will determine how honest the Bet Boom bookmaker is with its users, and whether they have any problems with withdrawing the won money from the bookmaker's account; and also, let's understandwhat is the history of the appearance of this bookmaker on the market, and why many betters preferred this particular bookmaker, as opposed to other large betters. For some users, this information may seem like a waste of time - but the better you know the bookmaker, on whose site you are going to bet, the more confidence in its reliability, and the less chances that you will not win. Therefore, get ready - now we will discuss all the most relevant reasons why you should start betting in Bingo Boom, and also identify the main advantages of this bookmaker.

The history of the emergence of Bingo Boom bookmaker and audience building

Unlike many other bookmaker offices in the vastness of the CIS countries, formed at the dawn of the 2000s, the Bingo Boom bookmaker cannot boast of such a great age - however, the office has been working regularly for 11 years, offering betters some of the best odds for matches and the most profitable bets. Over the years, the company managed to become one of the best in its segment, having managed to provide users with completely new conditions for seemingly familiar betting - the result of this was the wild popularity of bookmakers among users, and as a result, the office entered the rating of one of the best existing on market. In 2020, continuing to gain momentum and occupy a leading position in the ranking of the best bookmakers, the company decided to change its name to a more associated with sports betting - as a result, Bingo Boom turned into Beth Boom, which it remains to this day. The change of the seemingly well-established name only did the company good - and as a result, the number of visitors to the bookmaker's official website increased even more. At the moment, the bookmaker has many regular visitors who, for many years, have been betting exclusively on this site - the reason for everything is the same favorable conditions for betting and excellent bonuses and promotions that significantly increase the capital received from winnings. An important role is played by the company's honest policy regarding payments - however, this topic will be touched upon a little later, but for now we will discuss the basic tools that make betting in Bingo Boom online so profitable.

Conditions for online betting in Bingo Boom and their benefits

From words to deeds: it's time to figure out how favorable conditions from the bookmaker's office justify their name. It is these indicators that determine what amounts the average bettor can receive with a winning bet - and therefore, it is imperative to identify the most successful indicators in order to have an idea of ​​how much you can win with a successful bet. It should be noted right away - in addition to the conditions, you need to look at the overall picture of the bookmaker, which includes the legality of work and payments, as well as a bonus program - and therefore, you should not worry if any of the parameters is not very profitable and becomes inferior to analogues in others. bookmakers.

Let's go directly to the conditions themselves - these are the main indicators that determine the value of each bet on the Bet Boom platform:

Good odds for sports matches.

  • The odds in this bookmaker have always been stable and, moreover, good - this is one of the indicators of a high-quality bookmaker, which has not changed for all 11 years of its existence. Users will be able to find excellent multipliers in absolutely any coupons - and for unpopular match outcomes, quotes can reach decimal values, so that one successful bet (and if it is also of the express type) can bring an incredible amount to the player's account. By the way, another positive side of these odds is that they do not differ at all depending on the popularity of the selected event - so it doesn't matter whether the bet is placed on the world-expected match at the World Cup, or on the passage of 1/8 by a team of a little-known regional rugby league, a high coefficient will accompany the player in any case. Thanks to this fact, you can not be an expert in popular sports, and bet on little-known events with confidence - and the final result will be equal, and you can easily hit the jackpot when you win a bet.

Variety of sports that you can bet on in Beth Boom.

  • Next, we need to mention the sports disciplines that can be bet on in Beth Boom - and here the company has tried its best, providing players with full freedom to bet on almost any sport. So, you can issue a coupon on the official website of the BC for football, hockey, tennis, basketball, boxing, MMA, and less popular rugby (even two types), martial arts, chess, cycling, darts, pool, golf, motorsport, and esports. And this is only a small part of all sports for registration of coupons presented on the bookmaker's website - so the bettor is guaranteed to benefit from knowledge in a little-known discipline!

The latitude of the line painting in Bet Boom.

  • Another good and stable indicator of this bookmaker is the breadth of the line in the bet - it is possible to bet not only on a typical outcome in the form of a victory or defeat for one of the sides of the event, but also on a dry game, the number of free kicks and corners, and other interesting in-game events. Thanks to this variability, the already excellent odds become even higher by choosing the least likely outcome - which means that the potential winnings also increase significantly.

Acceptable margin for more profit in Bet Boom.

  • The final chord in the symphony of favorable conditions for betting on the site will be a fairly good percentage of margin that allows you to get as much net profit from a won bet as possible - at bookmakers it varies in values ​​from 7 to 8%, which is quite enough to get even more funds. Together with the rest of the indicators, this item is fully disclosed, and therefore the profit from each bet increases in progression!
These are all the main indicators on the basis of which such a profitable betting on the Bingo Boom platform is based - and even if some points do not have the opportunity to boast of something supernatural against the background of offers from other bookmakers, in the aggregate, these parameters allow you to raise really large amounts from bets, which quite enough for a stable and profitable game on the BC site.

Bet Boom reliability and payment of funds to players

The last of the main advantages that you need to focus on when choosing a particular office is its legality and reliability in the field of withdrawing funds by betters. Almost everything depends on this parameter - and, as usual, earnings are impossible without it, because even under the most favorable conditions for bets in the absence of payments of the due funds, it will not be possible to make money on betting. Boom Bet has everything in perfect order with legality and reliability - after all, the office has the necessary license, which allows it to carry out its activities in the countries of the post-Soviet space, and numerous reviews from users of this bookmaker confirm that the bookmaker regularly pays all the required winnings to the details. and there are no delays in withdrawing money or receiving an incomplete amount of funds to the account. The office, by the way, is also connected to the first CUPIS - this guarantees players additional confidence that all withdrawals of money earned on bets will be made exclusively according to the law and without any deception. And the site also has a support service that quickly responds to any requests from users - Bet Boom supports are always ready to help and give the necessary advice, or, if the problem is much more serious than expected, try to solve it as soon as possible so that betters do not experience any difficulties using the services of the bookmaker. So we can say unequivocally that the Bet Boom bookmaker regularly fulfills its obligations to withdraw funds to betters - and, unlike many offshore bookmakers without the necessary licenses, it does not seek to deceive gullible users and greatly values ​​its reputation, and therefore deserves this the level of trust from the audience.

So should you try Bingo Boom betting?

Based on all the advantages that we described above, and taking into account the rest of the positive aspects of this bookmaker, we can make an unambiguous conclusion - the bets in Bingo Boom bookmaker are really worth trying yourself in them. After all, not only is the office able to offer consistently good odds, a wide line pattern, and fast and reliable payments - on the official website, in addition to this, guaranteed freebets, bonuses, and promotions are available, and everyone can install the application from the bookmaker on their mobile devices and make the rates are even easier! So betting in this bookmaker can definitely be labeled as "successful" - and the same can be called all users who decide to try their hand at the site of this bookmaker. Therefore, we advise you not to waste time and start creating an account on the site of this office - and this initiative will pay off several times. But, before proceeding to the registration procedure at Bet Boom BC, you will need to discuss one more nuance, knowledge of which can help you more than once in difficult times - we will talk about ways to enter the site if it is blocked.

How to bypass the blocking of the official Bingo Boom website?

Even taking into account the fact that the Bingo Boom bookmaker works online on a completely legal basis, and has no problems with legislation on the territory of the CIS countries, sometimes there are situations in which access to the official site of the bookmaker can be limited, or even blocked. This happens, most often, due to hacker attacks on the official website of the bookmaker, or because of problems with the server, or maybe even because of the technical work carried out on the page. But it is not so important what causes the malfunction of the official website - it is much more important that such technical problems risk turning into the inability to place a bet on a certain event. And if you have dreamed of placing a bet on this event for a long time, but now everything is in danger of falling apart? It is for such cases that it is necessary to have a third-party access option to the site, thanks to which it will be possible to issue a coupon for the desired event no matter what. Fortunately, such a method has long been available - and now we will tell you more about it.

Bet Boom's mirror and its benefits

The best of the currently existing methods for bypassing any blocking of the official website of the bookmaker is the Bet Boom mirror - it is able to fully satisfy all the basic needs of the user for good betting, and also has a number of significant advantages that significantly distinguish it from the rest of the options for getting to the official Bingo Boom website.

The main positive aspects of using the Bingo Boom mirror are as follows:

• Mirrors are extremely simple in their search - it is possible to find a working version of a mirror copy using a regular search in the browser bar, and in the social networks of the bookmaker itself.

• All your profile data from the original page will also be saved on a mirror copy - therefore, when you enter your login and password, you can easily get access to your personal account and account.

• Mirrors do not in any way affect the speed of the Internet connection, unlike the same anonymizers and proxy servers - which means that when using them you will not encounter incorrect page operation or sagging.

• You can bet on mirrors without any danger - because these copies of the original site, even if they are not the main ones, but have an official status, due to which all payments on them are calculated in accordance with the rules of the official bookmaker.

• And also mirrors can replace each other - therefore, if one of them is inoperative, you can easily continue the game on any other.

This method has proven itself long ago, and today thousands of bettors use mirror copies. Therefore, when you are faced with a situation in which the original bookmaker's site is blocked, and it is necessary to place a bet, feel free to use the mirror - it will help you out more than once in such moments.

Online registration at Bingo Boom  

The time has come to discuss the main procedure, after which you will finally be able to start a full-fledged game on the site of the Bingo Boom bookmaker and indulge in the pleasure of getting big wins for correctly predicted outcomes in various matches. Of course, we will talk about registration at the bookmaker's site - and we will go through it together with you, analyzing in detail all the nuances of this procedure, as well as focusing on the most important points.

Contrary to a similar procedure available on the sites of other bookmakers, in Bingo Boom, creating a profile is simplified to the maximum possible - and therefore betters will not need anything other than a valid phone number in order to be able to register their personal account and start betting soon. Nevertheless, documents will still be needed for personal identification following registration - but at the moment, there is no need for them, and it is extremely simple to create a profile in the BC, even without the absence of any bureaucracy.

In order to register in this bookmaker and start active betting with winning large sums and getting positive emotions, just follow the next steps - we have indicated all the necessary actions and highlighted significant nuances in this procedure so that users do not have problems with its passage:

  • First of all, you need to go to the bookmaker's official page on the network - to do this, use one of the mirrors (how you can find a working version, we wrote above), or go to the main website of the bookmaker.
  • After that, find the "Register" button on the page - usually it is located in the upper right corner. Click on it in order for you to open a special form with fields that you need to fill in to successfully create a profile on the Bingo Boom site.

Cell phone number.

  • The very first field, which is at the same time the most important during the registration procedure, is the better's mobile phone number. About t correct numbers entered by the user depends on the continued success in this procedure - in fact filled in the line numbers will come SMS-message with a confirmation code from the bookmaker, which is required for confirmation of registration in the future. In addition, it is extremely important to have a valid number when registering, and not to use a phone that has not been used for a long time - because after creating a profile, it will receive a lot of useful information from Bingo Boom, among which there will be extremely accurate predictions for the upcoming grandiose events from the world of sports. notifications about new promotions and bonuses on the bookmaker's platform, current news from the sports world, which greatly simplifies the analysis of the coupon and subsequent betting, and no less interesting data, which, perhaps, are at your disposalI would like each of the betters. By the way, it will be even better if the phone number indicated by the better is tied to the Qiwi electronic wallet, from which he will subsequently replenish the account, and the wallet of the first TSUPIS - so the deposit and withdrawal of funds on the site will be greatly simplified, and there are no difficulties with subsequent financial transactions on it will not occur at all. After the mobile number has been entered, we advise you to double-check the numbers for correctness of entry, and only after that proceed to filling in the next line in the procedure.

Account password.

  • The second line required to fill out at the registration stage in the Bingo Boom bookmaker will be the password from the user account. The password must be at least 8 characters long, and they can be written in any convenient language and contain at least one capital letter and one number. It is advisable to make a secure password - this way it will be more difficult for potential attackers to gain access to your account and withdraw funds from it, but do not overdo it, because the password recovery procedure is also very time consuming. We advise you to write down the combination you have invented and save it in a safe place in advance - thanks to which, you will save yourself from any problems with accessing your personal account on the bookmaker's website.

Promo code to get an additional bonus.

  • The final stage of this part of registration in the bookmaker office will be to enter a promo code to receive an additional bonus from the Boom Bet bookmaker - by entering it in the highlighted line, you will receive a guaranteed large cash gift! It is not at all difficult to find a special promotional code - often, these codes are published directly on the social networks of the bookmaker itself, or can be found on independent betting forums. Only when looking for up-to-date promotional codes, pay attention to their validity periods - because usually, such combinations do not work in the long term, which means they will not give any bonus if they are entered during registration.

Agreements with rules and captcha.

  • After completing the input of all the data necessary for the purpose of successful registration, confirm your agreement with the rules of the site, the organization of financial transactions on it, as well as your own majority. By the way, users under the age of 18 are not able to place bets on the Bet Boom website - and if a bettor deliberately deceives the company by pretending to be an adult, while he is not, his account and account will simply be blocked. Then go through a simple captcha in order to confirm that you are not a robot - and feel free to click on the "Continue" button!
The second stage of registration is as simple and straightforward as possible - in it you only need to enter the confirmation code, which will come to the number indicated in the first stage. If you did everything correctly, and the entered mobile number turned out to be valid, you can easily complete this stage too, thanks to which you will become the owner of your own personal account on the Bet Boom platform in the nearest future!

The only thing that separates you from immediate bets right now is the need to go through one more procedure, this time identification of the person. All the details and instructions on how to successfully confirm your own identity to the bookmaker are in your personal account, but you will definitely need a passport and a few photos, depending on the type of procedure chosen.

What the official site of Bingo Boom consists of

We will prefer to complete the review by examining in detail the functions available to the bettor on the Bingo Boom website - there are a huge number of them on the site, and therefore you should familiarize yourself in more detail at least with the main sections in order to have an idea of ​​what awaits the registered bettors.

You can find the following sections on the official website of Bingo Boom and Clones - here you will bet on sports under the best conditions:

Sports betting.

  • The main section of the Bingo boom site, on which, for the most part, all bets on the site are concluded. This section provides a wide line with excellent odds, match statistics, a calendar of upcoming events, a list of matches, rules for accepting bets, and a lot of other data that allow you to make a verified accurate forecast for the game and get the opportunity to hit a big jackpot. This section is a must for beginners - after all, only here you can learn the basics of betting and start your career with confident bets and subsequent winnings!


  • A live section for more experienced bettors who know how to weigh all risks and react in time to an increase in odds. We advise you to switch to it only after gaining proper experience in pre-match events - due to which you will minimize all the risks of losing funds from your account and will be more prepared for the conditions of this regime. All the necessary tools for sophisticated and profitable bets are also available, which means that it is no less profitable to conclude them here than in the line, and sometimes much more profitable.


  • A special section dedicated exclusively to esports betting - if you are not interested in classic sports, then this category will suit your taste, because Bingo Boom offers the highest quotes for esports matches, allowing the younger generation to earn real money from learning about CS: GO teams. Dota 2, and other cyber disciplines. The section also integrates live broadcast of the most popular matches - therefore, you can issue a coupon and watch the result of the event in Bingo Boom online!

Fast rates.

  • A relatively recently introduced section on the bookmaker's website, which has no analogues among other bookmakers - in it you will need to bet on the next event that occurs in any match. The events for the bet are, of course, secondary - for example, an offside position or a free kick by one of the teams in a football match. Thanks to such fast betting betters, you can improve your financial situation by anticipating this or that event in the match - and due to this, you can pay off in case of a protracted losing streak of large bets.


  • One of the most pleasant sections on the Bingo Boom site - after all, it alone contains all the available bonuses and promotions that can provide significant assistance in multiplying earnings on bets. Of the available promotions available for a given period of time, bettors have the opportunity to get up to a thousand free bets for bets, guaranteed cashback up to 10%, as well as collect the express of the day at an increased coefficient - and this is only a small part of the bonuses available on the site! In addition, bonuses are also offered for betters who place bets at land-based pick-up points, and not online - therefore, no one will be left without gifts!
This is how the main sections of the Bingo Boom platform look like - feel free to go to the bookmaker's website and start earning big wins!


On this note, the review of one of the best bookmakers for betting is coming to an end - but before that, we will nevertheless answer the most frequently asked questions of betters about this bookmaker, because some might not find out the desired information.Here are collected explanations about the nuances of this bookmaker - therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself if you want to know as much as possible about Bingo Boom .

Does Bingo Boom have a mobile application, and if so, where can I download it to my device?

  • BC has a mobile version for both Android phones and flagships with iOS. You can install the mobile application from the official smartphone marketplaces - AppStore and Google Play Market.

What is the price of a mobile application from a bookmaker?

  • Bet Boom's mobile version is completely free to use.

Are there gambling games on the bookmaker's website? If so, where can I find a section with them?

  • Bingo Boom does not have any gambling entertainment, since the company operates under the license of the Russian Federation and gambling is prohibited in this country. There are only classic sports betting on the site - and there are enough of them to get big wins.

What payment systems are used for replenishment and withdrawal on the BC site?

  • Electronic wallets (Qiwi, TsUPIS, YuMoney), international bank cards (Mastercard, Visa) and online electronic payment (Apple Pay) are available for depositing and withdrawing winnings on the site.


Numerous reviews on independent forums and on social networks of the Bingo Boom bookmaker itself speak for themselves: the bookmaker really offers one of the most favorable conditions in the entire market, constantly expanding the list of promotions and bonuses, as well as increasing the odds for the best events - all this makes its users one of the of the most successful in this field, allowing them to make money on bets and receive not only positive emotions, but also a tangible cash profit. Therefore, register at Bingo Boom, and start your way in betting - you will definitely not find a better option!
Bookmaker indicator Grade
Bet Boom loyalty program 4/5
Welcome bonus for new players 3/5
Conditions for betting 4/5
Functionality of the mobile application 4/5
Providing gambling entertainment 1/5