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  • Review of the bookmaker BetOnline in Azerbaijan

In this article, we will try to understand the reasons for such popularity by examining in detail all the features and capabilities of BetOnline.

As one of the oldest bookmakers, BetOnline is available to both American players and gamblers from other countries, including Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, despite its international status, the bookmaker does not allow all the inhabitants of the world to play.

The list of prohibited countries includes:

  • Australia;
  • France;
  • Malta;
  • New Jersey;
  • Afghanistan;
  • Central African Republic;
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo;
  • Eritrea;
  • Guinea-Bissau;
  • Iran;
  • Iraq;
  • Lebanon;
  • Libya;
  • Mali;
  • North Korea;
  • Panama;
  • Somalia;
  • South Sudan;
  • Sudan;
  • Yemen.
In addition to the standard arsenal of online bookmakers, BetOnline can offer horse betting, electronic poker rooms, roulettes and slots. However, despite its broad profile, the site has been the driving force behind the sports betting industry for nearly two decades.

Having started as Best Line Sports in 2001, the company soon changed its name to BetOnline.com, and in 2007 came to its final name and email address - BetOnline.ag. As a subsidiary of Sportsbetting.ag, the bookmaker shares some of the same qualities (including limits and odds). Speaking of limits, this bookmaker has some of the highest betting limits on popular North American sports. Among other things, BetOnline boasts quite generous bonuses.

Gamblers who prefer card betting will be interested to know that BetOnline is the flagship of the Chico Poker network and, although the resource is best known as a bookmaker's office, its poker branch BetOnline Poker is the second largest American poker network.

The company's headquarters are located in the capital of Panama, Panama City. The license to operate the gambling establishment was issued by the government of the state of Panama.

Is it legal to bet with BetOnline in Azerbaijan

This bookmaker is completely legal, and the main reason for the legality is its location. As an international company, BetOnline is under the jurisdiction of the government of Panama and can provide players from Azerbaijan with a safe and legal way to bet on sports or take advantage of any other option provided by the office. BetOnline is licensed and regulated by the Panama City, Panama Gaming Commission and has been providing safe and reliable services to customers around the world for over nine years.

From the very moment that BetOnline opened its doors with a license to conduct remote gambling, the company maintains a high level of customer service, providing first-class betting opportunities. The latest methods of maintaining safety and high quality standards make this bookmaker one of the best places to place bets on sports for gamblers from Azerbaijan.

However, it would be wrong not to mention some of the unpleasant incidents that happened to the office in the past. The last such incident happened in February 2017, when one of the dealers was noticed in the Live section of Blackjack. The croupier was accused of the so-called "second hand", when instead of the top card the dealer deals the second, thereby deceiving the party participants by manipulating their card combinations.

It is worth noting that after this incident, which led to a decline in reputation, BetOnline issued a statement about changing the provider of software for Live games. The company claims to be very attentive to visitors' feedback and always stands on their side.

** Can gamblers from Azerbaijan trust BetOnline after this incident? Of course, such incidents cast a shadow on the honesty of the company, but their actions aimed at improving their reputation have led to a noticeable result, because since then there have been no such complaints against BetOnline.

Registration on BetOnline for residents of Azerbaijan

Of course, most gamblers are impatient to go straight to betting and creating an account in some bookmakers, where the registration or identity verification process takes up to several days is rather annoying. Fortunately, the registration process at BetOnline bookmaker is quite simple and takes less than ten minutes.

The first question that may arise is "is BetOnline available in my country?" Fortunately, the residents of Azerbaijan do not need to check whether the site will block the IP address, but go straight to registration.

To do this, you need to follow three simple steps:

  1. To get started, go to the site and click on the "Join" panel.
  2. After that, a window will open where gamblers need to fill in basic information about the user, create a password and a secret question.
  3. The last item will be the indication of the address.
After filling out all the necessary forms, players just click on the "Submit" panel to complete the creation of an account. Once an account is created, visitors can enjoy the full range of entertainment provided by BetOnline and will be able to deposit funds into their account.
  • In addition to creating an account on the site, gamblers are provided with the option of registering by phone through one of the customer service managers. For players who prefer to first understand the mechanics of the site, there is an opportunity to create and set up a demo account that does not require cash injections, but gives access to all sections of the site.

BetOnline first deposit and welcome bonuses

After the account is created and the first acquaintance with the site has passed, it is time for the first deposit and receiving welcome bonuses. The process of replenishing the account itself is quite simple and has 14 available deposit methods. The next step after choosing a suitable deposit method, you will need to go to the "Cashier" section (the transition button is located in the upper right corner of the site), and then follow the step-by-step instructions on how to fund your account using the selected method.

The main methods with minimum and maximum limits and replenishment period:

  1. Cryptocurrency - min. deposit $ 20, max. $ 25,000. Replenishment is instant.
  2. Visa / MasterCard - min. deposit $ 25, max. $ 5,000. Replenishment is instant.
  3. American Express - min. deposit $ 25, max. $ 2,500. Replenishment is instant.
  4. Money transfers - min. deposit $ 300, max. $ 9000. Replenishment immediately after receipt of funds.
  5. Translation from person to person - min. deposit $ 100, max. $ 600. Replenishment immediately after receipt of funds.
  6. Replenishment by check - min. deposit $ 1,500, max. $ 15,000. Replenishment within 2-5 business days.
  7. Replenishment through a bank account - min. deposit $ 1000, max. no limits. Replenishment within 1-3 business days.
For sports bettors making their first deposit, BetOnline offers a welcome bonus of 50% up to $ 1000. In order to receive this bonus, on the deposit screen in the promo code section, you must enter BOL1000, and the site will provide an additional 50% of the amount first deposit (up to $ 1000). It should be borne in mind that this bonus requires a 10-fold prolongation. In other words, in order to receive this bonus, a gambler needs to wager this amount 10 times, after which the bonus amount will be available for withdrawal.

BetOnline offers a lifetime bonus guarantee on every subsequent deposit. The bonus amount will correspond to 25% of each deposit (up to $ 1000). To do this, you must enter the LIFEBONUS promo code.

For gamblers in Azerbaijan who prefer to bet in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, BetOnline offers a solid crypto bonus. The bonus amount will correspond to 100% of the first cryptocurrency deposit (up to $ 1000). In other words, if a visitor who has used this bonus deposits 1,000 USD in cryptocurrency, the account will already receive 2,000 USD available for bets. For this bonus, you must enter the promotional code - CRYPTO100.

BetOnline offers a 100% welcome bonus on the first three casino deposits between $ 25 and $ 1000. To receive this bonus, you must use the promo code BOLCASINO when making a deposit to redeem.

In addition to this welcome bonus, BetOnline is offering a 20% discount on casino losses. To receive a discount, you must write to the support service by e-mail.

We provide a short list of some of the current promotions and bonus codes (please note that promotions are subject to change, so before introducing them you need to check their availability on the bookmaker's website):

  1. Welcome Bonus: 50% on first deposit up to $ 1000 (one-time). CODE: BOL1000.
  2. Welcome Crypto Bonus: 100% on first cryptocurrency deposit up to $ 1000. CODE: CRYPTO100.
  3. Lifetime guarantee: 25% on subsequent top-ups up to $ 1000. CODE: LIFEBONUS.
  4. Cryptocurrency reload bonus: 35% for subsequent replenishment through cryptocurrency up to $ 1000 CODE: CRYPTO35.
  5. BetOnline Welcome Bonus: 100% on the first three casino deposits between $ 25 and $ 1000. CODE: BOLCASINO.

BetOnline betting in Azerbaijan

This bookmaker provides a wide range of bets on various sports events: from NBA championships to eSports events. The resource conducts competitions between site visitors. A nice bonus is the opportunity to participate in some events for free, all you need is a BetOnline account and finances available for betting. In such competitions held among gamblers, real cash prizes are provided for the players who made the most correct bets. Prize funds for individual competitions can be up to $ 100,000.

However, it is worth noting that the average prize pool is about $ 5,000, which is also a decent prize for both beginners and experienced gamblers. Moreover, in order to receive a prize, it is not necessary to be in the top five. As a rule, players in the top 30 will receive a payout of at least $ 50, which is a great alternative to simply losing the amount wagered. Each contest has its own rules and payouts, so it is best to visit BetOnline to see the latest information on the contests.

Sports betting competitions hosted by BetOnline include:

  • NFL (Super Bowl, Playoffs, NFL Draft);
  • Horse racing;
  • UFC;
  • ESports;
  • American college basketball betting.
There are two odds formats available on BetOnline: American and Decimal. Gamblers who prefer to calculate odds in fractions will have to get used to the new way of calculating. A dropdown box at the top of the bookmaker's page allows users to switch between the two available odds displays. The traditional options "Money Line", "Spread by Points" and "Total" are always available on BetOnline.

Speaking of the bets themselves, BetOnline has one of the widest coverage of sporting events among international bookmakers. The site allows you to place bets on any event from the main professional and college sports in America to the most popular sports leagues around the world.

List of sports and sports events available to residents of Azerbaijan in BetOnline:








Horse racing











Swimming competition

Mini football



Table tennis

Winter sports

Olympic Games

Betting on student competitions at BetOnline

In addition to official sporting events, BetOnline provides an opportunity to place bets on American college competitions.

And the most popular sports betting is American football. On BetOnline, you can not only find all the information about CFB teams and players, futures and CFB paylines, but also follow the progress of the sports season from start to finish. To participate in betting on competitions among American college teams, it is enough to fulfill one simple condition - be over 18 years old. Although American football is not so popular in Azerbaijan, college competitions provide fans with a great opportunity to watch their favorite team before the start of the 21-year season and make money from it.

American college basketball is next. BetOnline provides gamblers with the opportunity to place bets on these events throughout the entire sports season, including the smallest competitions. Due to the huge number of matches played every day, student basketball attracts a large number of spectators.

BetOnline Political Betting

The list of bets provided by BetOnline includes political events in the United States. Site visitors can find a board of constantly updated political events including betting on the US presidential election in 2024. Among the alleged contenders for the seat of the head of state are such figures as Elon Mask, Ivanka Trump and Mark Cuban.

Esports betting on BetOnline

With the popularity of computer gaming competitions growing in popularity, it's no surprise that a mastodon like BetOnline has included esports betting as a service. The latest trend in this direction is an increase in the odds of bets on world tournaments in League of Legends. Now, in order to hit a decent jackpot, it is not necessary to understand the intricacies of the rules of football or other sports, because esports is one of the newest forms of legal betting. So why not use your knowledge of computer games and join the world of betting?

Among the e-sports disciplines available for betting to residents of Azerbaijan are:

  • League of Legends;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • Dota 2;
  • Overwatch;
  • NBA2K;
  • Rainbow Six.

Betting limits on BetOnline

Depending on the type of sport chosen by the gambler, the bet limits also differ. Also, the limits may depend on the type of bets being made. In this section, we will cover only the basics, without examining each BetOnline limit, since the full list of limits can be found on the bookmaker's page in the "Useful links" section. The main feature that distinguishes BetOnline from other bookmakers is the ability to change the limits. To do this, gamblers need to contact the site administration. In addition, the resource allows you to make the same bet every 61 seconds, which makes it possible for gamblers who do not have the opportunity to build the desired line, simply make several bets on the same position.

NFL spread betting limits are up to USD 25,000. Betting limits for money lines and totals are set at USD 15,000. Thus, the betting limits on NFL provided by BetOnline are among the highest among such offices.

Betting caps for NBA and MLB competitions are capped at $ 5,000. MLB money lines and NBA spreads are capped at $ 10,000.

NCAA basketball game spreads have a betting limit of $ 3,000 and the money line limit is $ 1,500. NCAA Football Spreads have a maximum betting limit of $ 15,000 and a betting limit of $ 5,000 for cash lines and totals.

BetOnline Casino in Azerbaijan

The casino at BetOnline is considered one of the best among American competitors. The casino has more than 100 video slots in its arsenal, a huge number of different card, table entertainment and LIVE rooms with live dealers

This is one of the best online casinos for US players. There are over 100 video slots, a variety of table and card games, and games with live dealers at your disposal.

  • More importantly, the games are legal and fair, so you have a good chance of winning.

Video slots at BetOnline

This casino has a wide range of entertainment for those who like to spin virtual reels in the hope of collecting the coveted chain of symbols and hitting a huge jackpot. Most of the devices available are provided by Betsoft and Magma. In total, gamblers have access to more than 100 devices.

Most of the slots are represented by machines with three or five rotating reels with various additional options (for example, sets of free spins, bonus games, games for doubling, etc.)

The most popular machines with which you should start your acquaintance with the world of gambling are:

  1. Glorious Gems.
  2. High Noon.
  3. Monster Pop.
  4. Ogre Empire.
  5. Runes of Odin.
  6. Sugar Pop 2.
  7. Take the Bank.
  8. The Family II.
  9. The Job.
  10. The Party Guy.
** BetOnline features an accessible and user-friendly interface. In order to get a brief information about any of the available devices, visitors from Azerbaijan just need to hover the mouse cursor over the icon with the game of interest.

BetOline Board Games

In addition to a wide selection of video slots, BetOnline offers gamblers a variety of card and table entertainment, which complement rooms with professional dealers.

The most popular games in this section are:

  1. American Roulette.
  2. European Roulette.
  3. Craps.
  4. Baccarat.
  5. Three-Card Poker.
  6. Caribbean Stud Poker.
  7. Pai Gow Poker.
  8. Red Dog Poker.
  9. Oasis Poker.
  10. Three Card Rummy.
  11. Top Card Trumps.
  12. Classic Blackjac.
For those who are tired of the constant counting of card values ​​and the incessant rotation of the reels of video slots, BetOnline is always ready to offer an alternative in the new products section. Such entertainments imply the possibility of instant winnings and can be found in a special tab of the main menu.

At the moment, this section includes the following entertainment (the list is constantly updated):

  • Keno variants;
  • Scratchcards;
  • Video bingo;
  • Spin 2 Win.
* This is not a complete list of available entertainment offered by BetOnline. The list of poker and Live games, as well as blackjack variations, is so extensive that it is worth mentioning them separately. The main thing to note is that this casino is an ideal option for those who prefer to spend an evening gambling.

Live games at BetOnline

In the section of games with live dealers, gamblers will be offered a choice of two casino options: black and red. Site visitors can choose a game in one of the proposed options, or in both.

In the red casino, visitors can sit down at tables with blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Super 6. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, as well as hold'em and several slot machines are available in the black section.

Live betting limits start at $ 5 and can go up to $ 10,000. Most tables can accept an unlimited number of players.

Bet Online Casino Azerbaijan bonuses

First of all, new players can look forward to a welcome deposit bonus of up to USD 3,000. In other words, gamblers can take advantage of the 100% welcome bonus for a deposit of USD 1,000 each three times. To receive this bonus, players from Azerbaijan need to use the promo code BOLCASINO. At the same time, the deposit must be at least $ 25, and the rollover requirement is 40x.

The resource also provides a 20% monthly deposit bonus. There is a little trick in this feature: despite the fact that the bonus is called monthly, gamblers can claim a 20% deposit of up to $ 500 every week (during the first month of playing on BetOnline). In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must deposit at least $ 25. However, deposits made through Neteller and Skrill services are not eligible for this promotion. This bonus also has some game restrictions, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the necessary requirements in advance. We also draw your attention to the fact that the promotional code of this promotion changes every month.

A huge advantage of this service over other online casinos is its attitude towards customers. In particular, a 10% refund policy. This promotion is available for gamblers who have lost at least 1,000 US dollars while playing in the casino within one week (from Monday to Thursday). In this case, the visitor has the right to apply for a refund of 10% of his losses (the maximum refund amount is $ 250). This promotion does not include LIVE games with live dealers, and the rollover is 40x. For a refund, no additional registration is required, it is enough to write an account number and a request for a refund in support of the resource.

The casino also has a risk free bet option. This $ 100 discount bonus applies only to games in some Betsoft slots (the list of participating slots can be found on the website). The bonus rules are simple: if a gambler has lost $ 100 while playing on one of the machines participating in the promotion, the casino will return these funds to the account. This bonus is subject to a 40x rollover requirement. Players must contact customer support within 48 hours of playing to claim this bonus.

** BetOnline rewards its high rollers with special bonus rewards. All players with more than $ 75,000 in the game will be eligible for this bonus.

BetOnline Poker in Azerbaijan

In the poker section, gamblers have access to Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. Texas Hold'em is primarily a fixed-limit multi-game no-limit tournament. Almost all Omaha and Omaha Hi / Lo games have a pot limit.

In addition to playing in a browser, site visitors can download the BetOnline Poker client to their computer or mobile phone. In order to download the client, you need to select the poker section and click on the download panel. Here players will find BetOnline Poker for Android, iPad and iPhone, as well as Windows and Mac.

The site constantly offers various poker competitions, such as a number of daily tournaments with a regular buy-in, and guaranteed tournaments that are held at different times during the week. Currently, BetOnline Poker offers over $ 150,000 in guaranteed tournaments every month, including the largest, the $ 10,000 guaranteed once a month tournament. In addition to the $ 10,000 buy-in main tournament, Bet Online Poker also offers a number of other small guaranteed prize pools that run daily.

BetOnline Blackjack

The second most popular card game on BetOnline is blackjack. Players can find both video blackjack machines and play against live dealers.

Live blackjack games with live dealers are subject to the following rules:

The dealer enters the game with only 17 points. In other words, if the combination of the first two cards gives the dealer less than 17 points, he or she needs to draw an additional card.

A player has the right to double if he or she has only the first two cards in his or her hand. Doubling in blackjack is called raising the bet, after which the gambler takes an additional card.

The player has the right to split the cards using the split rule. Split - splitting two identical cards into two hands (for an additional hand, the gambler makes another bet, the amount of which is equal to the initial one).

After splitting the cards, the party member has the right to use the doubling.

Unlike most Live Blackjack games with live dealers, in BetOnline games are played on a maximum of six decks.

BetOnline reviews in Azerbaijan

Despite the fact that many people (especially gamblers) tend not to forgive the mistakes of the past, since the last unpleasant incident described above, the feedback from site visitors has remained overwhelmingly positive. Although sometimes there are complaints about insufficiently prompt customer support, most visitors note the convenience of depositing funds and a high speed of withdrawal of funds.