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  • Review of eTopaz bookmaker in Azerbaijan: official website, sports betting, deposit, withdrawal

Status: legal

Lottery jackpot: more than 200,000 AZN

Cash Out: yes

Odds: up to 2.35

BC Topaz has been operating in Azerbaijan since 2011, providing daily access to a legal way to increase capital through correct predictions of the outcome of sports matches. Azerbaijan's Premier Football League is presented in eTopaz as fully as possible, as befits one of the official offices.

The exclusive feature of this service is that it has not only an online version, but also offline physical points where you can personally apply and place bets.

In 2013, the country's authorities declared war on bookmakers. Initially, the government did not satisfy the negative impact of gambling on the younger generation, as many local residents lost their money through losses. However, the Minister of Sports decided the issue towards BC, motivating his decision with the undeniable contribution of E-Topaz to Azerbaijani sports. Topaz annually earns about 200 million euros, part of which is allocated to support the infrastructure of football, basketball and other clubs.

Distinctive features of BC eTopaz

Since we are talking about an official bookmaker that does not use tricks like fake domains and unregistered mobile applications, you can count on a 100% payment guarantee. The fact is that the state closely monitors the transparency of the services provided, therefore, in the event of deception, the brand may have problems. In this regard, the chance of deception is extremely low.

According to official statistics, about 500 thousand people are registered on the Topaz website. Only 4% of the participants do not live in Azerbaijan. About 17 thousand people are registered with Turkish documents.

By the way, that is why the site has been translated into Turkish as well.

Now anyone can visit the official website etopaz.az, as well as topaz.az, in order to quickly and without obstacles bet on the victory of their favorite team. If possible, you can come to the office of the company to do it there. You can also choose the outcome of a sporting event by phone.

With the help of a special platform called SBTech, added several years ago, the eTopaz website now has the ability to view statistics, as well as broadcast matches. Withdrawals are available online without delays and other subtleties. Most foreign companies cannot provide access to the above-mentioned opportunities, which makes Topaz look quite presentable against their background.

ETopaz website appearance

The creators of the site specifically avoided too bright colors, making the design as pleasant as possible due to minimalism and black and white shades. Because of this, it is convenient to use it at any time of the day. In terms of internal content, there are no special differences from any other bookmaker's offices.

Perhaps this was done so that a beginner who previously used other resources could easily adapt to a new environment. At the top is a small horizontal menu that contains the most important items. On the left in the column there is a list of available tournaments, which greatly simplifies the search for the desired match. In the center is the main navigation:

  1. Selection of sports disciplines;
  2. List of available matches;
  3. Odds and other additional information.
In the central area, among other things, there is a small slider, inside which information is displayed about upcoming events of the greatest interest among fans of sports competitions. In particular, it is there that links to bets in the Champions League and other European competitions, as well as the finals of major tournaments, appear.

Useful eTopaz tools

To find out the necessary information about the matches already held during the week, you need to use the "Results" tab, the content of which is updated almost in real time.

It also contains all the information regarding a specific match, including:

  • trainers;
  • compositions;
  • symbolism;
  • shape;
  • history;
  • list of achievements;
  • current opportunities;
  • statistics.
Since most of the bets are made by people who first understand the situation, this point, like a lifeline, gives access to the formation of the most balanced decision.

To quickly switch between the main pages of the site, just click on one of the sections of the top menu, where the most important pages are presented

Using eTopaz bookmaker functions

Website optimization was performed at the highest level. The site is equally quickly launched on any device that has a browser for viewing pages on the Internet:

  1. Computer;
  2. Tablet;
  3. Smartphone.
At the same time, the size of the screen does not play any role, because all the elements are placed like rubber in the right places, creating a convenient environment for betting. At the same time, the built-in e-Topaz widgets open the shortest path to the required rate. You can use the search by entering keywords in the appropriate field, or you can sort sporting events within the same discipline.

In the eTopaz search, the following parameters are usually entered:

  1. the name of the country;
  2. the name of the tournament;
  3. the name of the athlete;
  4. command.


The site has a special section that includes completely different events, such as horse races. Unlike the main sections of the site, this one has its own design, which may take some time to navigate.

Such difficulties are due to the presence of other interface elements, as well as unique images, for which the speed of the Internet connection is responsible for downloading. Of course, the higher it is, the faster the user gets access to this section.


This menu contains all the necessary information that will help you make your bets as correctly as possible. All important points are described here up to the list of names of judges.

For simplicity, the section is divided into several points, moving along which you can go to the match of interest. First you need to choose a sport, then a region, a team and find out its opponents for the next matches.


This category contains a list of past matches. To make it more convenient, the user can sort the list by time, for example, reducing the number of lines to one week or even a day.

This helps to find out the results of all the events on which the bet was made in the multiplier. You can also close the coupon right there.

Registration on etopaz

The Topaz website administration assures that the process of creating a new account takes literally a few minutes, which is partly true. It is necessary to enter the requested data, and then go through a specific check, but first things first.

Each community member must create his own profile on the site so that a unique account is linked to it. It is on it that the deposited and won funds will be credited in the future. In addition, this measure allows you to weed out bots, as well as those who want to use dishonest methods of earning money.

The first step is to visit the official website of the platform. To do this, you can use absolutely any device, like a smartphone or a computer. In the upper corner of the screen there is a large button labeled "Register", which must be clicked to go to the menu for creating a personal account.

In the window that appears, you need to select the gender, indicating how to properly address the new user, for example: miss or mister. Fill in your first and last name with your date of birth.

Remember that the use of the service is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age. The use of someone else's passport data will lead to blocking.

Next, you need to write an actual email address, which will further serve as a way to contact the eTopaz administration, as well as a means to confirm transactions and restore your account in case of loss of access. This also requires a phone number. In the same menu, you must enter the address of residence.

ETopaz account security

A separate block is worth talking about the principles of choosing a password for a future account. Most of the participants use a very strong password that is almost impossible to crack. Since we are talking about the safety of money that may be in the account in the event of a deposit or winning bets, security is very important.

Some dishonest e Topaz users create special programs that, by choosing the simplest combinations, can hack a profile and write off funds. To protect yourself from the actions of fraudsters, at the stage of creating an account, enter the most complex password, which will consist of:

  1. letters in different case;
  2. numbers;
  3. special characters.
Of course, the more complex the password, the better, but if you forget it, it can be difficult. Rewrite the password and hide it in a safe place so that in case of loss of access it is always at hand.

Do not give your password to various people who offer to "raise" the rates for you at a certain percentage. The fact is that most of these assistants are ordinary deceivers, whose purpose is to deceive a gullible user by stealing his money.

The transfer of an account to third parties is prohibited by the terms of use of the service.

Completion of registration on Etopaz

At the end of the registration procedure, you must enter a promotional code (if any). You can find the code word in the official Internet resources e topaz in Azerbaijan and other languages. These can be social networks, as well as portals and blogs of partners. They regularly publish special phrases that, when entered in the "Promo Code" field, give special welcome bonuses for creating a new account and first depositing an account.

If necessary (if requested by the system), you will need to confirm that the user is not a bot. To do this, you will need to enter the characters shown in the picture, and the eTopaz registration will be completed.

The last step of registering eTopaz is an agreement with the terms of use, as well as confirmation of registration by clicking on the corresponding button.

Please note that when creating a profile of a Topaz bookmaker, you must provide up-to-date information, as well as check it several times for errors. The fact is that it will be used not only when replenishing an account, but also when withdrawing funds. If in the process it turns out that some data has been entered incorrectly, difficulties may arise, the solution of which will either take a long time, and will also cause a lot of inconvenience, or the money will be frozen indefinitely until the circumstances are clarified. In extreme cases, incorrect information can lead to a complete blocking of the account. Since it is created in the name of one person, there may not be a second chance, otherwise eTopaz registration will be canceled for both accounts.


When the system informs about the end of the process of creating a user card, you need to take a few simple steps. The first is to confirm your email address. It will receive an automatically generated letter that does not require an answer. Just follow the link indicated in the body of the letter. Usually, it looks like a large button labeled "Activate".

Next, you need to go to your personal account and find the "Upload documents" button there. As mentioned earlier, an account is created for a specific person who needs the maximum number of available opportunities to verify his identity. One of them is sending passport or ID-card photos. It is also required to send a photo of a bank card.

This is not just a whim of the bookmaker, but a banal precaution that only plays into the hands of the user himself.

If you do not send documents at the very beginning, but do it, say, after a considerable amount of time, problems may arise with the withdrawal of personal funds. The administration can initiate additional checks, which take a lot of time, even if all items have been completed in accordance with the requirements. That is why it is better to take care of all aspects at once.


To use all the features of the site, you need to log in to the system. Of course, this option is only available to registered community members. In order to enter under your own name, you need to click on the "Login" button located immediately next to the registration section. In the window that opens, you need to enter a combination of username and password.

Several items are available in your personal account that will help you cope with the basic tasks of the user.


This item offers a set of tools for making transactions with money. There are sections for the corresponding tasks, for example, you can replenish an account or send a request for a withdrawal of funds.

Personal data

On this page, you can upload documents if the participant is only going through the verification procedure. You can also freeze your account yourself if you have a good reason. This can help if the user has noticed suspicious activity related to hacking, or temporarily does not plan to use the service.

It will take some time to reactivate your account.


The section with the history of all transactions performed by the account owner is considered the most important and significantly contributes to the further planning of activities.

Here you can track financial transactions, as well as analyze the situation, calculating the percentage of wins and losses. Perhaps the presence of a large number of losses will force the user to change tactics or switch to another tournament or sport.

Deposit on the eTopaz website

The owners of Azerbaijani citizenship can place bets on sports in their usual currency, which cannot be allowed by other bookmakers operating unofficially in the country. This distinguishes topaz from its competitors and attracts a sufficient number of users who are not used to constantly transferring money into foreign currency. This helps to calculate financial opportunities and saves time when making urgent and important decisions.

Bank cards Electronic wallets and services
Visa, MasterCard eManat, Portmanat, Million
The user can replenish the balance in any convenient way, since the platform cooperates with most payment systems known not only within the country, but also far beyond its borders.

In addition, it is possible to deposit funds directly through the terminal if there is no suitable payment service at hand. Accounts of mobile operators, including local ones, are also suitable. Detailed information is located on the sending money page.

The service does not charge money for transferring funds to an internal account. At the same time, they are credited to the balance literally within one minute.

How to fund your account

The first step is to enter the site under your own name, using the authorization tool. In your personal account, select the "Operations" item, and then switch to "Top up your account".

Select the appropriate payment system by clicking on the appropriate option presented at the top of the screen. Enter the required information in the appropriate fields, as well as the amount of the deposit. Make sure there are enough funds on your card or e-wallet account for the transfer. There is no need to pledge a commission, since it is not charged upon replenishment.

The minimum transfer amount is one manat.

How to withdraw money

Open your personal account, and then through the "Operations" tab, go to the "Withdrawal" menu. Make sure that among the presented payment systems there is exactly yours, and then confirm your choice by clicking on the corresponding icon. Enter the required amount based on the minimum limit. Then you need to confirm your choice and wait until the end of the transfer procedure.

Withdrawals are usually made within three business days. Depending on the chosen method, this period may increase up to five days.

It is noteworthy that when debiting funds from a personal account, you can use cryptocurrency wallets, for example:

  1. Bitcoin;
  2. Litecoin;
  3. Etherium;
  4. Ripple.
This suggests that the site administration is aware of trends in the financial market, and therefore cares about customer preferences.

Sports Betting Topaz

As already mentioned, users can place bets only if they have identity documents. Without them, access to bets will be limited. If your account has passed the verification procedure, you can start performing the provided activities.

The first step is to explore the options available, choosing the ones in which you are most confident.

On the main page, you need to choose one of the two options presented:

  1. Sport;
  2. Live bets.
Specify the line, and also select the appropriate division that provides access to active bets. For example, the Premier League matches on topaz are presented in full. You can practice on them. Indicate the appropriate option by choosing a ratio.

On the right side of the site, a participant's coupon will gradually be formed, which reflects all the information regarding the selected options. The minimum bet amount is only 0.01 manat. Of course, the gain will be insignificant, but if the site is used by an absolute beginner, it will help him to understand the interface and test his own luck and analytical skills. Then you can gradually increase the rates, getting closer to big wins.

There are no express bets on this site. Instead, ordinaries and systems are presented.

A confirmed bet cannot be canceled.

If a player is not sure that his bet will provide a win, he can withdraw funds by selling it using a special feature called Cash Out.

Topaz program

Since a person cannot constantly be at the computer, checking the outcome of a particular match, the resource owners took care of a mobile version that can send notifications, as well as open access to bets anytime and anywhere. It is enough to connect your smartphone or tablet to the Internet. No need to look for an eTopaz mirror

Since topaz has a huge audience, the developers made sure that the site works equally well on all types of devices, regardless of the type of operating system installed. It can be both Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, you have to be content with only the browser version, since the site does not have a special application. However, the speed of opening pages, as well as the number of available functions, is in no way inferior to the desktop counterpart.

Topaz Support

Since the site is primarily aimed at an Azerbaijani audience, all operations are available in the local language. The support service provides services not only in Azerbaijani, but also in Turkish. There are a lot of communication methods.

The first and most effective option is Live Chat. The eTopaz online service helps users solve their problems around the clock, as well as promptly answers important questions. To write to support and contact a specialist, you need to click on the Live Chat button, and then indicate the topic of interest:

  1. Deposit;
  2. Withdrawing money;
  3. Login;
  4. Bonuses;
  5. Confirmation of documents;
  6. Coupon issues;
  7. Technical problems.
If for some reason all the operators are busy, you can just wait for an answer, or write to the e-mail address. Most often, users choose the first option, since due to stability, the site works quite well, and therefore the number of hits is small. The operator answers in about 1-2 minutes.

In this case, the first message will immediately be in the Azerbaijani language.

If the user prefers to place a bet by dialing to offline outlets, all questions related to the work of the brand can be asked over the phone. Operators are always in touch and ready to provide services to each client.

If you write by mail, operators will respond within 24 hours, although most often the procedure takes much less time. The fact is that first the bot sorts the information into categories, and only then it reaches real people who study the client's problem directly.

Last but not least is WhatsApp. You can contact the experts by entering the number + 994-50-286-01-66 in the contacts. A round-the-clock bot is also involved in information processing, but the response time is reduced to several minutes compared to the previous method. Basically, the speed is the same as when calling the hotline number.

All contacts are located in the "Contact us" tab displayed on all pages.

Conclusions on BC Topaz

It is quite profitable to use Topaz if you are in Turkey or Azerbaijan, since at the moment the administration is focused on this particular audience. In addition, this is the only site operating in the AZ region on full rights without restrictions from the government.

Of course, a small disadvantage in the face of the lack of welcome bonuses can alienate a new user if he does not fully familiarize himself with the benefits, of which there are quite a few.

The first and main advantage is Azerbaijani localization, as well as 100% payments, since the authorities monitor the platform's activities. Round-the-clock technical support, which instantly reacts to customer requests, will not allow any issue to remain unresolved.

Acceptable odds combined with a wide line make the site almost an ideal place to bet. If it is not possible to start betting from your phone or computer, you can do the same by phone. Money is deposited through the terminal, as well as all popular payment systems.

FAQ eTopaz

In this section, we will analyze the answers to the most popular questions, and also duplicate important information for those who are already familiar with the description of the bookmaker's office.

Can users bet in Russian rubles or hryvnia?

At the moment, the site works only with the Azerbaijani currency, therefore, foreign citizens make bets on a par with local residents, using manats.

Can bids be canceled?

If the player has already confirmed the bet, it cannot be canceled, but you can try to transfer it to another participant using the Cash Out function if the selected sporting event has not started yet. To be confident, you need to carefully study the odds and statistics.

What types of bets does the e Topaz platform support?

The platform provides an opportunity to place a single order or a system according to tactics. There are no express trains.

Are there any betting limits?

At the moment, the minimum bet amount is 0.01 AZN. Sometimes the administration makes adjustments, raising the limit to 0.05 AZN.

What does the winnings depend on?

The amount that goes to the internal account in case of a successful prediction of the outcome of a sporting event directly depends on the size of the bet, as well as the coefficient. You can check the corresponding multipliers immediately before bet confirmation.

What are coupons?

Experienced users know that “coupons” are tickets that are issued to a player when placing a bet. It looks like a shopping cart in online stores. Before confirming, you need to open the coupon, which is located on the right side of the screen, and then make sure that all parameters for a successful bet are selected correctly. A confirmed coupon cannot be canceled. The only thing left for the user is to wait until all matches are over and hope for a successful result.

How do I check coupons?

To check the coupons, the hotel user needs to go to the official website, and then click on the "Check tickets" button. After specifying the appropriate type of game, as well as entering the numbers of the available coupon in the appropriate field, you need to confirm that a living person is interested in the information, and not a bot, and then confirm your intentions.

How do I get a bonus?

Promotional codes that provide access to the welcome bonus are quite rare, so often players just need to register and study the list of available rewards. These can be various tasks or thematic events.