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  • Bookmaker PlanetOfBets AZ: sports betting, how to get to the bookmaker's website, registration and mobile application

Not all bookmakers equally satisfy the needs of the betting audience: it is most important for some of the players to see high odds for matches and wide lines on the bookmaker's website, with which you can diversify the bet; someone, for example, cares enough about the time spent on betting - and therefore does not consider a bookmaker office without a mobile version; well, the most gambling users also prefer the presence of an online casino on the BC site - as usual, not all bookmakers canallow yourself such a luxury. However, there are bookmakers on the Internet that not only answer all the specified criteria, but offer even more - and one of these bookmakers, undoubtedly, is PlanetOfBets. Having existed on the bookmaker market for more than a sufficient amount of time, the bookmaker has established itself in user circles not only as one of the most profitable, but also the most reliable - which is clearly hinted at by numerous reviews about PlanetOfBets left by users on many resources. Therefore, the day has come to open yourself to something new - and the Planet Of Bets bookmaker will become almost the most pleasant discovery in your betting life, and we will explain why.

What is the bookmaker - Planet Of Bets - and why should you choose it for betting?

Before proceeding with the review of bonuses, promotions, numerous sections on the site, and other offers from the PlanetOfBets bookmaker, you will need to make a small digression in order to discuss the bookmaker itself and its rather long period of activity on the market. This approach guarantees us much greater awareness of the company on the site of which we are going to bet our money - which means it will protect users from possible deception and waste of time. Indeed, the situation with the wrong choice of one or another </span> office in our time is not rare: as users that are registered and make bets on the court at all unfamiliar to them bookmaker later if they do not lose all their money because of unfair work of BC, the discover for themselves that the office is not able to offer at least some essential conditions so that the winnings are calculated in large quantities. There is even deception on the part of the office - in case of a large win, the site simply blocks the player's account, as a result of which he remains absolutely zero, and the mood is completely ruined, and you don't want to bet on sports after this at all. That is why we will discuss the PlanetOfBets bookmaker from the very beginning of its appearance - in order to outline the general picture of this site and understand whether you need to try yourself in the field of bets with this particular bookmaker.

Bookmaker PlanetOfBets
Mobile app Not
Minimum bet 10 rubles
Minimum deposit amount 500 rubles
Casino, Slots, Blackjack There are
License Curacao
The legality of the bookmaker Not

The emergence of the bookmaker PlanetOfBets and its formation among bookmakers

2006 was marked by the appearance of the bookmaker PlanetOfBets on the bookmaker market - and from that moment to the present day, the office continues its active activity, providing services to a huge number of betters around the world. Now the bookmaker is not one of the most popular among competitors - however, this does not prevent him from delighting users with his conditions, first of all, visiting the bookmaker's site in search of the most optimal conditions for the game. And in this bookmaker's office, PlanetOfBets is not to be borrowed - after all, the company has been trying to give players the most pleasant and profitable offers for 15 years of its work, with the help of which you can really earn a lot of money on bets, only by guessing the correct predictions for sports matches. Therefore, many of the players have remained on the bookmaker's site for more than a decade - PlanetOfBets has never changed the principles of its work, and has always regularly performed the duties assigned to it as a bookmaker's office, and such activities can only cause trust from the outside people, and, in this regard, the bookmaker naturally earned itself an extremely good reputation. So the bookmaker can be trusted - and this is perhaps one of the main criteria by which a good and stable bookmaker is determined.

PlanetOfBets Sports Betting Terms

We discussed important information that was necessary to take into account before starting to play at the PlanetOfBets bookmaker, and now the moment has come when we will find out what conditions the bookmaker is ready to offer to its users, and whether it is possible to make big money from betting on this site... So, first of all, in the PlanetOfBets bookmaker's office, I would like to note the consistently high odds - and their value in no way depends on the degree of importance of the sporting event, which means that it will be possible to win big money by the same large multiplier as from the predicted outcome in the match of the top tournament in football and from the regional darts league. Such quotes allow you to bet on a minimum of funds, but at the same time be able to multiply them tenfold - and this is an excellent indicator for a bookmaker. Next, you need to talk about the line: here it is wide enough and allows you to bet on unpopular outcomes, again increasing the odds, but there is one catch that some players may not like. It's all about a rather meager selection of sports that you can bet on - there are only 12 of them ( however, the most popular disciplines are collected, and the presence of esports bets in demand in the current realities is good news). Well, I would like to separately note the bookmaker's margin - here it fluctuates in values ​​from 4 to 8 percent, which is more than enough to get a large net profit from each winning bet.

Withdrawal of funds on the site of the bookmaker PlanetOfBets

If until now you have not been impressed by the offers from the Planet Of Bets bookmaker, then get ready: now we will discuss one of the strongest sides of the company, in which it has succeeded much better than many eminent and more popular bookmakers among the audience. It will be about withdrawing and depositing funds to an account in the personal account of the BC site - and here the company is able to give odds to anyone, offering a wide variety of payment systems, thanks to which it becomes really easy to withdraw and deposit funds. So, betters can choose from international plastic cards, electronic wallets, and even cryptocurrency to replenish a deposit or withdraw winnings - thanks to this variety, you can perfectly control your finances, while taking into account all kinds of commissions for transfers and the size of withdrawals. By the way, about the commission - in almost all options for receiving winning funds for details, the percentage of commissions that are withheld for withdrawals is zero. Therefore, when you withdraw money from your personal account with a bookmaker, you will receive the full amount without any deductions - there is no need to worry about this. There is no need for worries and for the honesty of the bookmaker with regards to the withdrawal of funds - after all, in addition to the undeniable reputation gained over many years of work, the company has a Curacao license, which is the main document for many bookmakers around the world and confirms the good intentions of the office. All these facts together give full confidence that the players' money will be completely safe, and they were directed in the right direction - and it is this confidence that makes the bets on the site as comfortable as possible.

Payment method Option availability
Bank card Available (Visa, Mastercard)
Neteller Missing
Moneta RUMissing
Webmoney Present
PayPal Missing
Bank transfer Missing
Paysafecard Missing
ecoPayz There is
Iran Bank Transfer Missing
Cryptocurrency Available (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc.)
Perfect money There is
AdvCash, Payeer, AstroPay There is

Other conditions and summing up the bookmaker's office PlanetOfBets

Of course, the official website of Betting Company PlanetOfBets does not end with the basic basics for betting, which can be found in almost any office - the company can offer many more interesting and useful functions with which it will become much easier to make money on bets, and the game will be really exciting. Just the presence of an online casino on the platform - gamblers can try their luck in the abundant number of slot machines, and having tried their hand at blackjack, well, or take a simpler path by choosing the well-known slots. Do not forget about the support provided by BC PlanetOfBets to its players - the company's support service quickly comes to the aid of all players who have driven themselves into an unenviable position due to incorrect actions on the official website. The comments of players on the forums on the network note that the technical support works at a high level, and any requests are considered as soon as possible, allowing the bettor to continue the game as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this bookmaker does not have any bonuses at all - but with such conditions, they are, in fact, not needed, because the entire foothold for big wins has already been prepared, and you just have to start playing here and now! So let's not hesitate - and we will find a way to enter the PlanetOfBets website!

Ways to get to the PlanetOfBets website if it is blocked

Despite the fact that the bookmaker PlanetOfBets provides its services mainly for users from the countries of the former post-Soviet space, it is this category of players that has a chance to face a serious obstacle that does not allow issuing a coupon on the bookmaker's website - namely, blocking the office's official page. If we are talking about blocking by the state, then the reason for banning the bookmaker's work may be the fact that the office was not afraid to provide its players with a service in the form of gambling and online casinos - these types of activities are usually limited by law in a particular country. But the reasons for blocking a resource can also be the usual technical work on the site, or a hacker attack on the server, because of which it will become unavailable for entry. Simply put, there can be really a huge variety of reasons for the non-working state of the bookmaker's site - and you certainly need to have a way to bypass these locks.

Many betters, who have previously encountered similar situations on the sites of other bookmakers, have in their arsenal programs that allow you to bypass these locks - such, for example, are VPN services or the Tor browser and other anonymizers. All these methods, of course, give the desired result - but at the same time, they have an extremely significant number of disadvantages (one of them is the low speed of the Internet), which can greatly ruin the experience in betting. We will discuss a way to get to a site that does not need any steps to download third-party programs - and at the same time, this method is considered the most effective and easiest to use than all the others. We are talking about the PlanetOfBets mirror - and we will prove that this is really the ultimate technique for any of the players.

Mirror AZ Planet Of Bets - use and what are its advantages

The most popular option today, which allows you to get to the bookmaker's website without encountering any obstacles, and also provides a high-speed connection throughout the entire session of using the method, is a mirror copy of PlanetOfBets. The method takes this name due to the complete copying of all the functions and capabilities of the original site - and this is as close as possible to a reflection, and therefore the copy is called a mirror. The bookmaker's mirror is, in fact, the same platform for betting and gambling, but it has one difference that does not affect the game in any way in the form of a changed address bar of the page - it is this difference that helps the resource not to be blocked. You can start bidding on the mirror as soon as possible - you just need to drive a request on the Internet in order to find a working link.

But while you have not yet decided to switch to one of the mirrors, we will discuss why this method is so good - these are the main advantages of a copy:

Various functions in the mirror.

  1. The reason for the general love of the audience for mirrors was many factors - but this one was one of the first. The copy is most in demand among betters due to the fact that it copies the original resource cleanly, without leaving any blank sections and without depriving betters of a number of important functions. In the mirror, you can do absolutely everything that is possible on the official site - and therefore there is no need for time-consuming access to the main site of the office, when there is always a copy equally effective in relation to it at hand.

Payouts on successful bets are guaranteed.

  1. The main doubts about the use of mirrors among the majority of bettors lie in the fear that, due to the "unoriginal status" of the page, sports bets on it are exclusively fictitious, and they will not receive the money they won. The information does not correspond to reality: the office mirror has the status of an official site - and this means that any winning bet, in accordance with the rules of the original BC site, will be paid to any convenient details, and therefore it is useless to worry about this.

Finding a working version of a mirror is as easy as shelling pears.

  1. BK PlanetOfBets mirrors are not only extremely easy to use. Their simplicity relates to another aspect associated with copies - finding them on the Internet. B Thanks to the copious amounts of working mirrors on the Internet, to find work in the mirror today become the most simple task - after all links to work carefully left mirror, and social networks BC, and on the set betterskih sites, and in particular forums. You can even do it completely "straight ahead" by simply typing the phrase "PlanetOfBets mirror" into the browser search bar - and it will also give quite working results, with which you can go to the office's website.

When using mirrors, there are no problems with connection speed.

  1. Of course, in addition to mirrors, there are other options with which you can provide yourself with access to the official page of the bookmaker's office - we mentioned earlier, various anonymizers can act in such ways, including VPN services and the Tor browser. There is only one "but": such methods have an extremely significant effect on the speed of the Internet connection, and in this regard, bets on events and online gambling risk being damaged by freezing of the page or its completely inoperative state. With mirrors, the situation is completely opposite: their use does not in any way affect the speed of the Internet, which means that you can enjoy betting and gambling fully and without any interference.

Mirrors are easy to change so that access to your account will not be lost.

  1. Despite all the precautions taken by the creators of the bookmaker's copies, sometimes mirrors can also appear in the list of resources prohibited from working on the territory of a particular state, as a result of which the duplicate bookmaker's office becomes blocked, and access to gambling or betting is closed. Nevertheless, in such situations, it will be possible to place bets from any other of the mirrors - after all, copies of the official website of BC PlanetOfBets can easily replace each other, which allows you to log in to another resource in case of problems on the first one, and, despite all sorts of blockages, continue the game... Of course, your data will be remembered by the system even at the moment of registering an account - which means you can easily enter it through another copy of the bookmaker's website.

You do not need to install anything on your own devices in order to use the services of the bookmaker.

  1. The last clear advantage of this method, which is indirectly related to other techniques for obtaining full access to the BC site, is the simplicity of the mirrors. After all, if we talk about the same VPN services and third-party browsers, or mobile applications - all these methods require extra installations on devices, but using a mirror is possible without making additional downloads to your devices and without recourse to freeing up storage space. And of course, the AZ mirror can be used both from a computer and a phone - this method has become so versatile over time.
This is how the main advantages of mirrors look over other ways to get to the bookmaker's website. It becomes clear that the AZ-copy of the bookmaker's website is in no way inferior to the original, and is capable of giving all the same emotions and big wins, along with the main platform of the Planets OF Betts. Therefore, you should not neglect the mirror copies of the site - and you can use them at any time in order to greatly facilitate your betting and other components associated with it.

We smoothly moved on to one of the main points of our narration, and now we are completely ready to have our own account on the BC platform - therefore we do not waste a minute and proceed to the procedure for creating a profile on the PlanetOfBets platform.

BC mobile version and registration on the site

Despite the huge number of mobile applications from many bookmakers, BC PlanetOfBets did not provide such an opportunity to its betters - neither on iOS nor on Android devices there is an application from the bookmaker for the current day. There is, however, a mobile version of the bookmaker's website - and you can go to it by simply using the mirror through the browser on your mobile phone. The company's website is perfectly adapted for mobile devices, and therefore there will be no problems with the game - and you can place a lot of bets using your smartphone or computer, based on your desire and available opportunities.

Now, finally, it is necessary to deal with the registration on the bookmaker's site - it is she who will help us start betting on various events, and the sports, as you remember, on the bookmaker's site are very, very diverse, just like the painting, and this means the fastest wins on favorable odds.

The process of creating a profile on the site itself looks extremely voluminous - but in fact, the process can be completed in a matter of minutes, because the fields for filling do not require any confidential information, and the procedure itself is very clear and accessible.

Therefore, we will not hesitate - registration on the PlanetOfBets site consists of these blocks, and these fields will need to be filled in for its successful completion:

Personal information.

  • The first block will be general information about the bettor - he must indicate his name, country and city of residence (including the address up to the house), postal code, currency for the game, date of birth, as well as mobile phone number and email address. The last two points are especially important due to their importance on the site: if the phone number and e-mail are indicated incorrectly, or the contacts left are invalid (this can happen if betters use services that create mailboxes specifically for such procedures, and the lifespan of these addresses is only about 10 minutes), betters are able to lose a huge layer of functions on the platform, up to the input of funds or even making a bet. It is equally important to indicate the correct age - for underage users are not allowed to place bets through the PlanetOfBets platform, and violation of this rule is punishable by blocking an account or account. By the way, it will not work to deceive the system - subsequent verification will allow the bookmaker to find out your valid passport data, and the real age will be known one way or another. Fill in all the empty fields in this block, and move on to the next.

User data.

  • The main registration section, in which the bettor will be required to enter data from the account - namely, the login and password, with which the bettor will subsequently be able to log in to the bookmaker's website. The password should be very secure - at least 8 characters in length - but there is no need to make the password too huge, because if the combination is lost, you will have to restore it using a special procedure. The password will need to be entered twice - and when it is entered along with the nickname, go to the last blocks of creating an account. By the way, do not forget - the username cannot be changed after creating a profile, so choose the nkinname wisely.

Protection against automatic registration and its confirmation.

  • The final sections will be the final touches on creating a profile on the platform. Betters will need to go through a simple captcha in order to confirm that they are not bots, as well as agree with the rules of the bookmaker's work and their own majority. The rules of the bookmaker's work can be read by clicking on the active link right in the text - you will be automatically transferred to a page where all the terms of service from PlanetOfBets will be described. After all the formalities are completed, click on the "Register" button - and now you are a client of one of the best bookmakers in the AZ-space!
After registration, you need to go through another procedure - personal identification - so that the range of opportunities on the BC site is complete and no restrictions are imposed on your account. To successfully complete this procedure, you will need a package of documents, as well as a number of photos of the better - all the regulations for the successful completion of the process are in your personal account, and the details regarding the necessary papers are also contained there. Complete the identification (it will take about a day) in order to get rid of the restrictions, and proceed to the review of the BC PlanetOfBets website.

PlanetOfBets website review

The bookmaker's website is not replete with a large number of various functions - but the site has everything you need for an exciting game and big wins. Therefore, we will briefly review the capabilities of the platform in order to be aware of the available capabilities of the PlanetOfBets bookmaker.

The BC website meets us with the following sections:


  • The main section of the site, where betters can make as many bets as they want on line and Live events. Despite not the most diverse types of sports presented in the section, a wide list and high odds allow you to get excellent chances of getting a large amount on the site. Navigating sports events is also as convenient as possible, and to search for the desired bets, you only need to enter the name of the team or tournament in the required line, so that the system produces the required result. Summing up small results, we can definitely conclude that the site is perfectly adapted for profitable betting, and betters are able, using their skills and forecasts, to win really large funds - in this path, PlanetOfBets does its job one hundred percent.

Online casino.

  • Gambling for gamblers against real dealers and croupiers. In this section, your skills and abilities are everything - you have a chance to become the owner of a really big win by outwitting your opponents in a fair fight on the BC site. The mode is not very suitable for beginners, because it requires a lot of experience in gambling, but it's never too late to try - what if you can get the coveted jackpot?


  • A category for gamblers, but exclusively against cars. There are enough slot machines on the bookmaker's website, especially for big wins and great pastime at the usual slots and blackjack. Try your luck on yourself - and be sure, PlanetOfBets will help you get big money!

Virtual sports.

  • Another section with sports betting, but this time virtual sports. The rules for these bets are almost the same, and the potential amounts of money that are ready to be credited to your account in the event of a correct prediction are no less tempting. If you are a real expert in virtual sports, feel free to go to this tab and try yourself on bets in this mode!
The site also has a tab in which the support service is always ready to help you, help in learning the bookmaker's functionality, and many other demanded functions - learn all of them yourself, becoming a part of the bookmaker PlanetOfBets!


The most frequent questions and answers about PlanetOFBets bookmaker are hidden here - therefore, carefully read the information if you encounter difficulties.

What payment systems does the bookmaker accept?

  1. BC accepts a huge variety of payment systems, ranging from electronic wallets to cryptocurrency. All possible payment options are listed in the table below.

Can I download a mobile application from a bookmaker?

  1. To date, PlanetOfBets does not have a mobile application. You can use the mobile version of the site.

Are there any bonuses from the bookmaker on the site?

  1. There are practically no registration bonuses and other promotions on the site - but favorable conditions more than compensate for their absence.


PlanetOfBets is definitely not included in the rating of the best bookmakers, and does not have the opportunity to offer supernatural conditions for betting, but huge odds and a wide line on the site force you to try to place a live bet in order to try to win big money - and many really succeed. Therefore, try it yourself - register and issue the first coupon in order to get closer to big wins with PlanetOfBets!